Red Rock Canyon – Las Vegas, NV

If you’re anything like me, a few days on the strip and it’s time for a break from all the flashing lights, bells and high energy and I’m looking for somewhere to enjoy nature. The Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is a great way to do this.

img-20111208-00767Located just a short drive from the strip (24kms west) you will find this magnificent showcasing of large red rock formations, a set of sandstone peaks and walls called the KeyStone Thrust – Southern Nevadas’ most spectacular desert landscape.

Red Rock Canyon encompasses 195,918 acres of the Mojave Desert and the highest point is La Madre Mountain at  8154 feet. The Aztec Standstone is about 180 to 190 million years old – from Jurassic time! The way the sunlight bounced on the rocks to create the most amazing colours and their sheer size is what fascinated me the most. No wonder it draws over two million visitors each year.

Paleontologists are still researching these sites today and amazing discoveries have been found in three different places in the Aztec Sandstone – tracks of small bipedal (two-footed) therapod (meat-eating) dinosaurs!


What is there to do at Red Rock Canyon?

  • 19 different hikes and trails – check out the trail map 
  • rock climbing  – sheer rock faces and massive boulders attracts climbers from near and far to one of the finest rock climbing areas in the world – many options are available depending on your comfort level
  • bike the 21km drive (one-way scenic loop) while taking in the flora & fauna and wonderful landscape views around the conservation area
  • guided vehicle tours in; Pink Jeeps, scooter tours, bicycle and more
  • horse back rides
  • guided educational tours 
  • nature observing
  • indoor and outdoor exhibits
  • visitor centre
  • camping – a developed camping site is located just a short distance from the visitor centre – more info on camping 

Did you know you can also get a bird’s eye view of Red Rock Canyon? – book a thrilling balloon ride with VEGAS BALLOON RIDES!

dsc02370Looking for a hotel away from the hustle and bustle of the strip, why not consider the Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa. I had a chance to walk though this resort on my trip to Vegas – it’s a great choice.

Read traveller reviews of Red Rock Casino Resort.

Contact Amanda to create a custom package to Las Vegas, Nevada – there is so much to explore!

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